Who Are We?

Overtime Marketing Company is a limited liability company established in the Arab Republic of Egypt in 2021 with an Egyptian-Saudi partnership.

The company holds an IT license and owns a registered trademark, as well as intellectual property rights to the system Integrated Commission .

system Integrated Commission

It is an innovative system by Overtime Marketing LLC. The system aims primarily to serve the independent marketer in terms of rights and quality of service and to provide a secure legal system.

The system guarantees commissions with a full guarantee for one year, and double the commission is activated and paid to the marketer, while the companies providing the service have been deceived by the results of the transactions.

The system is simple and easy to use and allows the freelance marketer to work with the commission system through 7 different systems for working with integrated commission.

The user can obtain commission by marketing jobs, services, products, promotional codes, real estate projects, and marketing the system itself to other marketers, in addition to tasks that enable the user to help business owners or other users in the tasks of their companies. Individual marketing in exchange for fixed and clear commissions.

system Integrated Commission Offers through

The platform connecting

the independent marketer

with the Integrated Commission System

The platform connecting

traders, business owners, and companies

with the Integrated Commission System

Overtime Real Estate Marketing is the exclusive provider for real estate projects in the integrated commission system

Under construction..

OverTime Academy offers courses to learn various skills in a simple and practical manner.

Our Goal

We aim to provide a 100% safe environment, by empowering marketers and platform users by providing the broadest opportunities with the highest commissions safely, legally, and from home through the integrated commission system.

Our Mission

Enhancing profitability, enhancing growth and contributing to improving the lives of 1.5 million people annually by 2030

We are striving to achieve a global presence in 22 countries, and develop the system to accommodate the largest amount of daily transactions with 100% security.

Our Vision

To be a leading force in the marketing industry by providing commission-based marketing and promotional services through the simplest available technological solutions in a unified platform.

Our vision includes attracting a growing user base, aiming to eliminate unemployment by 2035, and expanding our presence to cover 22 countries around the world.

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  • OverTime Marketing LLC
  • Commercial Registry Number: 174699 General Authority for Investment, Cairo.
  • Tax File Number: 653271395 Egyptian Tax Authority.
  • Registered with the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology of the Arab Republic of Egypt.
  • License Number: 10507 Information Technology Industry Development Authority
  • OverTime Marketing Platform Deposit/Registration Number: 4194 Office of Intellectual Property Rights Protection
  • OverTime Business Platform Deposit/Registration Number 4400 Office of Intellectual Property Rights Protection
  • Project Support Certificate Number: A-01-2023-07-10-7 Issued by the Project Development Agency
  • Trademark Registration Number: 484738 On 2022/9/5 At the Internal Trade Development Authority
  • Published in Issue 1000 On 2023/12/7 Trademarks Newspaper - Ministry of Supply and Internal Trade
  • Administrative Headquarters Address: Smart Village , B5, Cairo-Alexandria Desert Road, Giza, Egypt.
  • Cairo Warehouse Address: 11 Thawra Street, Dream City, Al-Zawya Al-Hamra , Cairo.
Management and Founder Team
Mr Ahemed Amer

Head of Legal Department

Mr Abd Elmonem elkhesen

Financial consultant & Co-founder

Eng Fadey Afify

CMO & Co-founder

Mr Mohamed Amer

CEO & Co-founder

Mr Ahmed Adel

CFO & Co-founder

Mr Ayman El-Aswad

Operation Manager & Co-founder

Dr Seif Halim

HR & Co-founder

Eng Maged Rwash

Technical Manager

Mrs Reem Hefzy

PR Team

Eng Bassel

Technical Team

Eng Amgad Faried

PR Manager & Co-founder

Mrs Hadeer Adel

General Counsel& Co-founder

Mr Ameen Mousa

Contracts Manager & Co-founder

Eng Islam Farrag

Multimedia designer & Co-founder